I am just beginning the process of recording a new album. Since Doug has given up his studio, I will have to record commercially. So it would be a great help with financing this if people were able to pre-order copies (both CDs and downloads). I have still to rehearse the new songs with the band before we get into the studio, so it may be some time before things will be ready for pre-ordering, but I will keep you posted about developments.

As well as the new songs featured in videos here and on Facebook, there are several other new songs and perhaps one or two old ones!


I have published two further volumes of the series started with 'Tell Me The Story'. They are available on Kindle. Details on the STORIES page. The new books are 'The Story Simply' and 'The Story Always'.


All my albums are now available for download from BANDCAMP


You will find clips of all the songs of the last album on the ALBUMS page, and information about each song on the INFO page.



This is another of the new songs. It's called Darkness Coming Down. Can't wait to get into the studio to record them properly with the band!

Since there's no chance of recording any new material with the band just now, I thought I'd experiment with some home videos. This is the first one. A tribute to my good friend, the late Kenny MacDonald. We've played it at a couple of gigs, but not many have heard it.

I wrote this song about the Iolaire disaster of New Years Day 1919 on the Isle of Lewis. This is another unrecorded song. I wrote it after a visit to Lewis just before the centenary commemoration of the Iolaire disaster - New Years Day 2019. I had known about it for most of my life, but I read up all I could, and I hope it is sensitively and accurately done.

Alex MacDonald and band playing "Tam Moncrieff" live at Dundee. The tall tale of how an Edinburgh drug baron meets his nemesis in the person of an old Highland crofter called Dan Mackay - "I come in judgement and not in grace." Video by Colin Mackay. See other videos on the VIDEO page


Some comments on Alex's music:

"Good 'real' music of heart and substance and message."
Calum Macdonald (Runrig)

"I very much enjoyed your CD - particularly the opening track, which is like a Calvinist Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts."
Tom Morton (Broadcaster and journalist)